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How to initiate prostate massage into your relationship

Published : 05/22/2016 21:57:47
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Raw talk of a happy family on their jorney. Happy reading

How to initiate prostate massage into your relationship.

This is what worked for me without a large amount of ass-pain, pardon my pun. 

I'm not obsessed with my prostate or anything, but it's nice to have a wife doesn't mind giving me an occasional prostate massage.

My wife of twenty five years Gwendolyn is a real cutie, she has always been a great lover and lately she is my little prostate masseuse as well. 

Long before Gwendolyn became comfortable with massaging my prostate she would occasionally tease me down there with a finger when we were making love and often when she was giving me head or a titty-fuck. 

Gwendolyn could tell by my reaction that I obviously loved it but always shied away from actually inserting a finger. Concerned that this was a perhaps a bridge too far I never requested her do it either. 

I crossed finally this bridge with Gwendolyn however after experimenting on my own enough to know that I enjoyed having my prostate massaged, and since had fantasized about her indulging me with prostate play.

I eventually realized that to have my fantasy fulfilled by Gwendolyn, I had to just come out and ask for a prostate massage or I would simply never get one. 

I awkwardly brought up the topic in conversation one evening by mentioning that I had read about wives massaging their husband's prostate, about how intense the orgasm was etc... and that I wanted to try it.

Gwendolyn initially had some real doubts but obliged me with a timid first attempt.

The first time was not exactly spectacular, and as matter of fact it was downright awkward, but we had broken the ice.

It took a couple more trial runs before Gwendolyn actually got the hang of it and she's freaky good at it now, but it would never have happened if I hadn't engaged her in that initial uncomfortable conversation and then our clumsy first attempt. 

Now I'm a lucky guy; every week or two I will get a delicious prostate massage from Gwendolyn, either as a warm up act or the main event depending on the mood. 

It's not essential that I orgasm every time Gwendolyn breaches my behind, it can be just part of our foreplay especially if I will be reciprocating by playing with Gwendolyn's tight little butt as well. 

If you've never tried it because either you're not interested, or interested but don't want to approach your spouse with it then I understand however, there is really a lot more going on with a prostate massage than meets the eye. 

First off it feels damn good, if done right by someone you're comfortable with. 

As far as the mechanics of a prostate massage go, your partner should obviously check and make sure they have no jagged fingernails before even getting close to your backside.

While surgical gloves aren't necessary, I recommend them for several reasons beyond just helping with the jagged nail thing. 

Surgical gloves are sanitary and convenient, also they could help a squeamish partner feel more at ease with probing your nether regions looking for some man gland. 

Primarily though I recommend surgical gloves for the kink factor, for me it adds to my experience especially when Gwendolyn dons them with audible "SNAP" for effect. Pant! 

Lube is essential, and this can be a personal preference but I don't think you can go wrong with some slick silicone lubes like Wet Platinum, I-D Millennium, or Pjur Eros Bodyglide. 

If you're just using soap and warm water as lubrication while in the shower don't introduce soap that is the least bit harsh or perfumed for obvious reasons, I recommend Dove sensitive skin or something equivalent. 

There is a huge selection of sex toys out there marketed specifically for prostate play promising all kinds of miraculous thrills to prospective buyers. 

I have experimented with sex toys in the past, primarily out of curiosity but they aren't really my thing so I hesitate giving advice on them. 

Be mindful that your prostate is only a couple of inches or so inside your anal cavity and curves inward to toward the base of your cock, so a long straight toy is going to primarily stimulate the anus itself which isn't bad but no cigar so to speak. 

I much prefer Gwendolyn's expertly directed finger to any sex toy, and also I prefer the intimacy that her finger provides over a toy.

There is an undeniable amount of kinkiness to a prostate massage, and the naughty factor only serves to heat up something that is hot already!

Massaging your lovers prostate involves a huge amount of trust, sharing and communication that I think has to be good for a couple's relationship, sort of like a team building exercise. 

I do disagree with the notion that an orgasm with prostate stimulation is so much better than just a regular orgasm, now it's different but I can't say its better. 

Generally; a prostate orgasm is almost involuntary similar to a sneeze, and Gwendolyn noticed this right away the first time she really hit that magic spot while giving me head.

Gwendolyn commented afterward that normally while she's giving me head she knows when I'm about to cum, but when she found that magic spot with her finger, I shot off without the usual warning signs and caught her by surprise. 

Additionally; during regular oral sex it can difficult for me to cum without a certain amount of thrusting however, if Gwendolyn is hitting my prostate just right with her finger then I can be coaxed to orgasm with a lot less thrusting. The additional stimulation of Gwendolyn's finger on the right spot can really be a "launch button "for me. 

I'm over fifty and confidently straight, but I'm far from being a homophobe. 

I only mention it because many straight younger men internally struggle with enjoying anal stimulation during sex and the fear that would somehow make them gay.

I believe a longtime lover will probably know you want anal play anyway, and may or may not be comfortable with that. You ultimately will have to breach that topic and guide them where you want them to go.

A frisky shower together is a good place to start. It is always fun to shower with a friend. I suggest soaping each other up and guide her to where you want to be touched, encourage her to touch there, and even gently insert her finger. Then you can give her directions on just how to stimulate you. As I mentioned earlier, generally it's about two inches or so in and up toward the base of your cock. 

Occasionally we share a shower and I will jack off for Gwendolyn, and she loves to watch me cum. Once she get her finger in just the right spot, I cum hard and fast with minimal jerking or stroking. My ass grasping at her little finger is enough to show her that she is giving me tremendous pleasure.

Positions Gwendolyn uses to stimulate my prostate:

1.) Standing up anywhere your imagination takes you. Against a wall, or leaning on a dresser, I already mentioned in the shower. Bending over a table or just grabbing my ankles with Gwendolyn fingering me is a big turn on as well!

2.) Laying on my back with a pillow or two underneath my hips. Elevating my hips provides Gwendolyn good access to my backside. She uses her fingers on my prostate while also giving me a hand job till orgasm. Gwendolyn loves to watch me cum up close, and this position is always a great visual for her. 

3.) Bending over with my hands on our bed supporting me or with my knees up on the edge of the bed while Gwendolyn is standing behind me talking dirty, spanking me and telling me how naughty I am. I usually don't orgasm in this position but it's a good table setter. 

4.) Insertion from underneath while I 'm kneeling or squatting on the bed. I can control the depth and speed of penetration very well while in this position. Gwendolyn loves to suck me off while lying prone in front of me and gladly swallows every drop, this is her favorite way of giving me head.

5.) Up on all fours with my backside presented to her for stimulation. I can control speed and depth of penetration in this position by backing into her. Gwendolyn will often have me spread my legs in this position and lay face up underneath me to get a better view of me shooting my load. 

6.) Lying on my stomach with a pillow or two underneath my hips. Elevating my ass provides Gwendolyn good access to my backside. She uses her fingers on me till I usually rise up on to all fours or sit up on my knees then she will gladly suck me to completion. 

In conclusion, hopefully this will explain to other couples that an intimate prostate massage shouldn't be considered a deviant act or something you should feel ashamed of. There doesn't have to be any sort of stigma attached to it. A loving, caring couple can share, learn from each other, about each other, and have a rocking good time along the way!

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