We believe that making love is a daily ritual which keeps you young and healthy.

About us

We are wine lovers and food connoisseurs and we have the pleasure of talking about those two subjects vastly. But as much as we like to talk about the pleasures of life, the topic of lovemaking which is one of the greatest pleasures of life has always being avoided.

As every subject in our life we either allow abundance or deplete ourselves and the subject of lovemaking is no exception.

We believe that each and every communication and interaction is a dance of energy and when we harness the energy in the creative intimate way love making turns into a delicious ever fresh experience.

We highly appreciate scientist who brought us to the knowledge how hormone fluctuation would bring us to different experiences through the month. listening to our bodies and tuning into our desires will open the door to unbelievable levels of experiences. Then no matter if in a relationship or solo a woman will know when it is time to experience something kinky and new or a time for a romantic tantra massage. and if in a couple we know that her partner will be delighted to bring her to the highest of pleasures.

As much as we love our selection of state-of-the-art hi-tech pleasure toys, we are also fascinated by the ancient practices of Tantra, where the two lovers bring to their temple of pleasure scented candles, massage oils, feathers and their undivided attention for each other, letting their sensual energies intertwine in a divine experience.

Our mission is rather to inspire than to educate as we believe that we would never get to the bottom, there will be always a desire for something new and something more which deepens more and more the connection between partners.

Our promise to you is to give you the best quality possible, as we believe that your Pleasure Chest should represent your love for yourself and for each other. we believe that love should be safe, sleek, delicious and abundant.