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Anal Dildos Guide

Published : 05/25/2016 18:42:38
Categories : Sex toy guides

Phallus shaped, exciting and versatile – an anal dildo bestows unforgettable moments for hetero- and homosexual couples. The FUN FACTORY anal dildos in many stimulating shapes deliver passionate experiences of a special kind.


For some it's like the book of seven seals, for others it's the icing on the cake. For anyone ready to gather a little experience in anal sex or who wants to build on past experience and revisit some of the greatest moments, there are a variety of products on the market.


Anal passion is so versatile that everyone can find something to suit his or her tastes. Most anal dildos are made of silicone, jelly or rubber. There are dildos made of hard or soft materials which can be inserted anally and vaginally. Plus, there is a whole spectrum of colors and different sizes. In addition, anal dildos are flexible for optimal pleasure and range in price from around € 10-60.


Anal dildos can often be picked out by their unusual shapes. While normal dildos resemble male genitals, anal dildos look more like a work of art. Often balls of varying sizes are placed one after the other. Closer to the tip the diameter tapers off so that each user can decide how far the dildo should be inserted and the anus extended.


Those who want to practice first and prepare the anus for anal sex should go for the butt plugs. Plugs are small and conically shaped with a handle that promises safe enjoyment. The array of anal dildos also offers something for experienced players – anal dildos with vibrations or without, narrow and short or wide and thick. Whatever gives pleasure is fair game.

All dildos which we curate at Temple of Pleasure are made of 100% medical grade silicone, stainless steel or hand blown glass. A stable base makes them easy to handle and suitable for a harness. Whether cooled or warm, in the bathtub or on terra firma – versatile stimulation is guaranteed in every case.

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